An Adaptive Architecture for Multi-Stream Authoring and Presentations in Distributed Networks


Content-based Video Retrieval using Mosaic Images M. Hirakawa, K. Uchida and A. Yoshitaka Study of Relative Effectiveness of Features in Content-Based Image Retrievals S.R. Subramanya, Jui-Che Teng and Yongjian Fu A Stitching Algorithm of Still Pictures with Camera Translation Y. Linghong and M. Hirakawa A Hybrid Method for Estimating the Euclidean Distance between Two Vectors Chin-Chen Chang, Po-Wen Lu and Ju-Yuan Hsiao Robotic Spatial Sound Localization and Its 3-D Sound Human Interface J. Huang, K. Kume, A. Saji, M. Nishihashi, T. Watanabe and W.L. Martens


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