Design of trible-band dual-linear polarized microstrip antenna sub-array for SAR applications

  • Hossam Hamza, Biao Hou
  • Published 2014 in Proceedings of 2014 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation


The design of triple-band C/X/Ku dual-linear polarized microstrip antenna single element and 1×2 sub-array is simulated and presented. The triple band is designed as one antenna for a dual-band C/X with dual-linear polarization and a shared aperture antenna for single Ku-band dual-linear polarization behavior. Four different shapes of feeding ports for the two antennas provide good isolation among all frequencies at both polarizations. The designed antenna exhibits stable frequency response at ON/OFF states for either single/dual frequency selection or Horizontal/Vertical polarization. The results show fair radiation pattern with high gain. The performance of the designed antenna was computed using HFSS<sub>11.1</sub>. The antenna is designed to fulfill the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) requirements, where multi-band dual-polarization is required.


11 Figures and Tables

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